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Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

A sweet taste with a hit of lemon.

Lentil Bread

Simple, healthy, and low in calories.

Spinach Roll

Easy and healthy recipe with simple ingredients.

Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Sweet, tasty, and low-calorie snack.

Cottage Cheese Protein Waffles
by member: Khudos
Quick and easy breakfast.
per serve - Calories: 260kcal | Fat: 3.29g | Carbs: 27.52g | Prot: 29.61g
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Hashbrown Egg Bites
by member: bkettle22
Light and delicious, perfect for breakfast.
per serve - Calories: 190kcal | Fat: 8.61g | Carbs: 12.06g | Prot: 15.65g
Chocolate Cookies
by member: MíšaG
Chewy and delicious double chocolate chip.
per serve - Calories: 345kcal | Fat: 19.28g | Carbs: 38.22g | Prot: 4.92g
Ferrero Roche Brownies
by member: Monqiue101
Sweet, moist, and delicious snack.
per serve - Calories: 294kcal | Fat: 15.30g | Carbs: 38.05g | Prot: 5.12g
Chicken Fajita
by member: A.Survivor98
Delicious and high-protein dish.
per serve - Calories: 430kcal | Fat: 19.52g | Carbs: 4.61g | Prot: 57.00g
Banana Oat Muffins
by member: Abbie Melissa
Moist, sweet and delicious.
per serve - Calories: 234kcal | Fat: 7.42g | Carbs: 38.42g | Prot: 4.65g
Molasses Cookies
by member: vmjohnson
High protein and high fiber recipe.
per serve - Calories: 134kcal | Fat: 4.46g | Carbs: 17.87g | Prot: 9.82g
Dates Balls
by member: devo4ka2018
Easy, quick, and healthy snacks or desserts.
per serve - Calories: 102kcal | Fat: 5.68g | Carbs: 12.87g | Prot: 2.37g
Healthy Apple Muffin
by member: bbrault27
It is delicious and tastes just like apple crumble.
per serve - Calories: 154kcal | Fat: 5.25g | Carbs: 24.33g | Prot: 4.19g
Paleo Blueberry Muffins
by member: AnaGasMar
Sweet, moist, and delicious.
per serve - Calories: 255kcal | Fat: 15.67g | Carbs: 24.19g | Prot: 5.62g
Healthy Pumpkin Muffins
by member: doorknocker26
Moist, sweet, and low-calorie snacks.
per serve - Calories: 135kcal | Fat: 4.21g | Carbs: 22.54g | Prot: 4.47g
Bran Muffins with Raisins
by member: BJFFE
Moist, delicious, and sweet.
per serve - Calories: 198kcal | Fat: 6.12g | Carbs: 33.19g | Prot: 3.89g
Onion Biscuits
by member: GinOthersyde
Delicious, simple, and low-fat snacks.
per serve - Calories: 114kcal | Fat: 0.03g | Carbs: 23.49g | Prot: 4.09g
Baked Protein Oatmeal
by member: umbertopala
Slightly sweet and delicious dessert or as a snack.
per serve - Calories: 191kcal | Fat: 4.86g | Carbs: 29.63g | Prot: 9.18g
Vanilla Blueberry Protein Mini Muffins
by member: wellness.uplifted
Tasty, easy to make, and low-calorie snack.
per serve - Calories: 57kcal | Fat: 1.06g | Carbs: 7.98g | Prot: 4.17g
Banana Oatmeal Cookies
by member: vquenneville
Chewy, healthy, and tasty.
per serve - Calories: 65kcal | Fat: 0.74g | Carbs: 14.54g | Prot: 1.34g

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