Joined December 2017
Weight History

Start Weight
156.9 kg
Lost so far: 47.1 kg

Current Weight
109.9 kg
Performance: Losing 4.9 kg a Week

Goal weight
66.2 kg
Still to go: 43.6 kg
⭐Jun23,21: I am 68, retired on Vancouver Isl., Canada. I joined FS in 2017 but left 6 mo. later. Now I am back again, older, heavier & sicker than before.🤢This time with more obesity-caused illness. Awaiting gall bladder & heart ablation surgery. 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️🩺This time with full support & a concrete plan by my heart Doctor. No longer just hearing "loose weight & become more active" or even worse, "lets try 🔼heart drugs & 🔼dosage" 🤕My bingeing & stuffed stomach are no longer creating joy & calm. Instead, causing great pain...gall bladder inflammation. 👵This time I do not want to die anytime soon. And worst is the constant pain. I am going to use every weight loss tool Doctors recommend, even bariatric surgery, in order to have a better life in my last 2-3 decades.
May 25,21_346lbs(156.9kg)⬜Highest Recorded Weight (🔼350 as scale read 'error')
Jun10,21_326lbs(147.9kg)✅(🔽20lbs, all water loss)
Oct29,21_goal-protein ~70g/day-RDI 1500cal✅(was ~40-50g/day-RDI 1200cal, but loosing hair & rashes on elbows & knuckles)
Nov05,21_goal-water 2.5L/day✅ (was 2L/day)
Dec1,21_goal-protein ~70g/day-RDI 1200cal✅(as 🔼weight when RDI 1500cal)
Dec3,21_Start physiotherapy sessions✅
Jan1, 22_Pedal Exerciser 1hr/day, every day✅
Feb4,22_Orth.Surgeon postponed R.Knee replacement⭐(as 🔽weight,🔽pain,🔼synovial fluid,🔼strength,🔼balance,🔼mobility.
May18,22_268lbs(121.6kg)✅(🔽78lbs by date of surgeon pre-op appointment)
Jul26.22_259lbs(117.5kg)✅ Start 3wk pre-surgery liquid diet-Optifast(4/day)+1c clear broth/day
Aug16,22_246lbs(111.6kg)⬜(🔽100lbs for VSG-Gastric sleeve surgery date-valuable tool in my toolbox)
Aug16,23_146lbs(66.2kg)⬜(🔽200lbs) to reach goal weight
Aug 16,24_146lbs(66.2kg)⬜Maintain goal weight

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Last weigh in: Losing 0.3 kg a Week Down
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deelbee's Cook Book

Calories: 38kcal | Fat: 0.64g | Carbs: 4.51g | Prot: 3.31g
Oat Bread
Low calorie bread with oats and fat free Greek yogurt.
Calories: 210kcal | Fat: 10.72g | Carbs: 2.51g | Prot: 24.62g
Omelette Muffins
Excellent Sunday morning breakfast when you have that little bit of extra time to make something your whole family can enjoy.
Calories: 88kcal | Fat: 1.27g | Carbs: 15.90g | Prot: 3.76g
Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burgers
A tasty meatless alternative.
Calories: 127kcal | Fat: 0.48g | Carbs: 29.15g | Prot: 3.09g
Banana & Chocolate Muffins
Low calorie and low fat but still tasty.
Calories: 319kcal | Fat: 7.34g | Carbs: 5.36g | Prot: 55.28g
Crock Pot Ranch Chicken
An easy, one step meal that cooks itself.
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