Draglist's Journal, 27 Aug 14

Had a series of meetings in the morning and afternoon, broken up by a team building ice cream social at 1pm. Ate a protein bar in the morning and protein powder and water in the morning and afternoon. Had three cups of ice cream at 1pm. Delicious! Came home and had three pork top loin chops and a meat stick, but not before weighing in at 209.8. Looks like I'm down to 11.6 extra pounds of water to shed. Pretty sore from running last night but will try to do some level of HIIT after dinner. Sodium 1452.

Here are the 8/27/14 Tanita Numbers (pre-dinner, pre-workout):

Weight - 209.8
Goal Weight (10% BF) - 203.6 (192 actual, so 11.6 lbs. of extra water)
Total body fat % - 12.6
Total body fat lbs. - 26.6
Total body water % - 67.9
Visceral fat rating - 8
Muscle mass lbs. - 174.2
Physique rating - 6
Bone mass lbs. - 9.0
Daily calories: 4287 (RDI 2408)
Metabolic age - 14

If It Fits Your Macros numbers (macro numbers in grams, rounded):
Today targets: 80 fat, 80 carbs, 40-50 fiber, 200 protein, 1840 cals
Today ate: 68 fat, 128 carbs, 6 fiber, 173 protein, 1822 cals (2628 used, 806 deficit)
Running avg: 83 fat, 194 carbs, 164 protein, 2246 cals (2668 used, 422 deficit)
95.2 kg Lost so far: 52.3 kg.    Still to go: 2.2 kg.    Diet followed: 100%.

View Diet Calendar, 27 August 2014:
1822 kcal Fat: 68.06g | Prot: 173.17g | Carbs: 127.99g.   Breakfast: Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Isolate - Vanilla Creme, Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe High Protein Bar (Small). Lunch: Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Isolate Elite Series - Decadent Chocolate. Dinner: Pork Chops (Top Loin, Boneless), Pork Chops (Top Loin, Boneless), County Line Meat Stick. Snacks/Other: One A Day Men's Health Formula Multivitamin Supplement, Now Magnesium Citrate, Nature Made Fish Oil 1000 mg, Vanilla Ice Creams, Meadow Gold Chocolate Ice Cream, Kroger Fudge Swirl Ice Cream, Breyers Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Mayfield Birthday Cake Ice Cream, Country Charm Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream. more...
2628 kcal Exercise: FitBit Tracker - 24 hours. more...
Losing 11.4 kg a Week

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Good for you! Even if it's just 20 minutes, it will make a big difference, I'll bet. I believe that taxing the muscles of their sugar regularly is the key. By the way, what company do you work for that believes ice cream socials are the healthy way to build good team work? I need to write a letter to the CEO and let him/her know that they are going to kill their staff from blood sugar overdoses if they keep this up. This is the 6th or 7th time I've seen the term ice cream social in your Journal. Have they ever considered a BBQ social? Or a high tea social? Dang, just about ANYTHING but ice cream. In this day and age of health awareness, I'm frankly shocked that any company would promote such an event. Not trying to sound as judgmental as I'm actually sounding, but it sounds like something out of the 1960s. Unless you work for Carnation? Or Haagen Daas? LOL! 
27 Aug 14 by member: mrsmole
Did you literally count the mentions of ice cream socials? For the record, there were two: one by the building management company and one by my department, neither of which required mandatory participation. You'll forgive me for not sharing those names. Your heart is in the right place but lighten up. Or start a crusade where you live and work. Wishing you continued success. 
28 Aug 14 by member: Draglist
Draglist, of course I didn't count the ice cream socials. It was a warped perception on my part for which I apologize. I used to work at a place that provided free pizza and Coke every Friday in an effort to prevent the employees from leaving the building for a long lunch. This was at a time when I was struggling with me weight without the motivation or support of a great site like this. Thank you for recognizing that my heart is in the right place, and I mean no disrespect to your department of the building. Sorry for the rant. 
28 Aug 14 by member: mrsmole
And remember, because they provide it doesn't mean you have to eat it, whatever "it" may be. A nice glass of ice water would be refreshing too. 
28 Aug 14 by member: eddie1261
They could offer shaved ices using sugar free syrups. I took my DIL out for icecream the other day at Coldstones and grabbed a water when she noticed they had the snowcones. It was nice to be able to participate and indulge without the guilt ! Maybe you could suggest that as an addition for the icecream socials for the calorie conscience employees. 
28 Aug 14 by member: Lori in Lakewood
As long as the ice cream fit into you daily allowance you should be fine. Sounds like it did. It isn't happening all the time so nothing to get up in arms about. Hope you enjoyed it!  
28 Aug 14 by member: kmunson
Great job - I see you're getting younger 
28 Aug 14 by member: MontanasMom
Thanks, all. I appreciate mrsmoles passion and concern. If it's any consolation, the next event is a volleyball tournament! 
28 Aug 14 by member: Draglist


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