Draglist's Journal, 18 Jul 14

Pre-dinner party weigh in of 213.8. Then had a lovely time at a cookout with friends. Ate a few plates of food, but pretty good stuff, and only one light beer. Did have a small piece of ice cream cake at the end. Will do a 16:8 fast and a nice five mile walk tomorrow and then see where we are. Found a nice local park here in Maryland that we will try to use to approximate the nice walks we took in Colorado last week.

Here are the 7/18/14 Tanita Numbers (pre-dinner):

Weight - 213.8
Goal Weight (10% BF) - 206.0
Total body fat % - 13.2
Total body fat lbs. - 28.4
Total body water % - 66.6
Visceral fat rating - 8
Muscle mass lbs. - 176.4
Physique rating - 6
Bone mass lbs. - 9.0
Daily calories: 4350 (RDI 2444)
Metabolic age - 15

If It Fits Your Macros numbers (macro numbers in grams, rounded):
Today targets: 80 fat, 80 carbs, 40-50 fiber, 200 protein, 1840 cals
Today ate: 143 fat, 263 carbs, 28 fiber, 233 protein, 3389 cals (2568 used, 821 surplus)
Running avg: 97 fat, 251 carbs, 167 protein, 2684 cals (2725 used, 41 deficit)
97.0 kg Lost so far: 50.4 kg.    Still to go: 4.0 kg.    Diet followed: 100%.

View Diet Calendar, 18 July 2014:
3389 kcal Fat: 142.70g | Prot: 232.65g | Carbs: 262.75g.   Breakfast: Bob's Red Mill Chia Seed, Lucerne 2% Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Now Real Food Golden Flax Seeds, EfaGold EfaGold Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Isolate Elite Series - Decadent Chocolate. Lunch: Syntrax Nectar Latte Cappuccino Whey Protein Isolate, Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Protein - Mixed Berry. Dinner: Coors Light Beer (Bottle), Grapes, Publix Fruit Salad, Ground Beef (80% Lean / 20% Fat, Patty, Cooked, Broiled), Kraft American Cheese Slice, Hebrew National Beef Franks, Baked or Fried Coated Chicken Breast with Skin, Brookwood Farms Pork Barbeque, Potato Salad with Egg, Hometown Buffet Broccoli Bacon Salad, Great Value Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese Bake, Hummus, Giant Eagle Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli, Carrots, Celery. Snacks/Other: Member's Mark Member's Mark Omega 3 Fish Oil (1000 mg), One A Day One A Day Men's Health Formula Multivitamin Supplement, Now Magnesium Citrate, Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. more...
2568 kcal Exercise: FitBit Tracker - 24 hours. more...
Losing 4.4 kg a Week

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18 Jul 14 by member: ClassicRocker
Have fun, Draglist! 
18 Jul 14 by member: MontanasMom
you're heading in the right direction fast! 
18 Jul 14 by member: sw21204
Thanks, everyone! I popped in quickly from work, changed, logged this short post (to save the entry with the correct date), and then headed out. Glad I did as we are back after midnight and now I can go back in and edit the food I ate, the Tanita details, and the final calorie burn from the FitBit. Did have a great time and actually kept the eating under some level of control. And... only ONE light beer! 
19 Jul 14 by member: Draglist
I hope you can give me some advice on my Tanita Ironman scale. It's started jumping around a lot when I weigh myself before it settles on a weight. Kind of like The Biggest Loser weigh-ins but the fluctuation isn't as great. I can get back on the scale again and I'll weigh something different and the percentages will be different too. I thought it could be the batteries (I hadn't changed them since I first got it about a year ago), so I did that yesterday. I used a towel to wipe the dust off (I'm not Suzy Homemaker, by any means). The scale has been in the same spot on the wooden floor in my bedroom from the beginning, so nothing's changed with location. I've been careful to keep my feet in the same position on the scale (and my hands in the same spot). I even downloaded and read the manual, checked the tanita website, and googled "tanita troubleshooting." I emailed tanita yesterday using the "contacts" on their website, but I haven't heard back yet. I really love my scale (or have so far) but this inconsistency is really bothering me because I don't see how the readings are correct -and can't figure out anything that I've done wrong or that has changed. This morning, I used the stopwatch function on my phone and weighed myself 5 different times one after the other. The scale took between 18.5 and 30.8 seconds to settle on a weight and the weight varied from 150.8 to 152.2. An hour earlier, it had me at 149.6 and I didn't eat or drink anything between the weighings. Basically, that's a 2.5 lb variation. Do you have any ideas or advice regarding how my Tanita is acting and what I should do? 
19 Jul 14 by member: sw21204
Hi SW. I have seen that a few times on mine and it has always meant for me to change the batteries. I found that the scale requires FULLY charged batteries. That means, even when I take the batteries out and check them on my battery tester, they have to be a strong green and not just in the green range... so try swapping them out again with fresh batteries. Also, I've heard some folks say they clean the contacts every day. I do not do that by any means, but you might try it. But batteries first. After that, I would look into the warranty because mine is rock solid when I get on multiple times (maybe changing by .2 lbs every now and then but not usually). 
19 Jul 14 by member: Draglist
Thanks. I changed the batteries yesterday with AAs that I keep in my fridge to keep them fresh. Cleaning the contacts might make a difference. The odds of my cleaning the contacts every day are somewhere between slim and none, but I can do it once. Maybe I'll try some superfine sandpaper. 
19 Jul 14 by member: sw21204
Good luck with it. 
19 Jul 14 by member: Draglist


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