Draglist's Journal, 19 May 16

Woke at 203.2, same as yesterday. Ended up doing my 5:2 fast day today instead of tomorrow because I was sleeping all day. I spent the night in the hospital after slipping on a metro (subway) escalator and getting a few cuts and scrapes on the noggin. No long term damage but I did need a few stitches. Weighed in after sleeping all day and got a nice 200.4. That was an extreme way to hit a goal! No workout today.

5/19/16 Tanita Numbers (after fasting 24 hours):
Weight - 200.4 (est. goal at 10% BF - 183.0) - 17.4 lbs. to lose
Total body fat % - 15.2 (goal is 10% BF) - +5.2%
Total body fat lbs. - 30.4 (est. goal at 10% BF - 18.3) - +12.1 lbs.
Total body water % - 56.0 (balance is 62.5%) - 6.5% dehydrated
Muscle mass lbs. - 162.0 (est. goal at 10% BF - 156.7) - +5.3 lbs. (water)
Physique rating - 6 (high muscle/avg BF; goal is 9 - high muscle/low BF
Bone mass lbs. - 8.0 (est. goal at 10% BF - 8.0) - goal met
RDI - 2133 / Visceral fat rating - 10 (goal is 7) / Metabolic age - 20

Today's Macros (in grams, rounded) (updated for May):
Targets: 150 fat, 50 net carb, 130 prot, 35 fib, 1500 sod, 2070 cals
Ate: 15 fat, 22 net carb, 60 prot, 2 fib, 292 sod, 448 cals (2245 used, 1797 deficit)
Running avg: 87 fat, 91 carb, 104 prot, 1599 cals (3137 used, 1538 deficit)
90.9 kg Lost so far: 56.5 kg.    Still to go: 0 kg.    Diet followed: 100%.

View Diet Calendar, 19 May 2016:
448 kcal Fat: 15.34g | Prot: 60.28g | Carbs: 24.13g.   Breakfast: Saltine Crackers. Dinner: Lucerne 1% Milkfat No Salt Added Cottage Cheese. Snacks/Other: Nature Made Super B-Complex, Nature Made Calcium, Now Magnesium Citrate, Feel Great 365 Daily Boost Vitamin Shot, Turmeric Capsules, Super Krill, Vitamin D3 5000 IU, Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Almonds 100 Calorie Pack. more...
2245 kcal Exercise: FitBit Tracker - 24 hours. more...
Losing 3.8 kg a Week

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Oh wow! Take care of yourself!!! 
19 May 16 by member: skwhite
Thanks. Time for more sleep! 
19 May 16 by member: Draglist
Very nice drop, sleep well :) 
19 May 16 by member: Becca P
Thanks, Becca!  
19 May 16 by member: Draglist
I was looking for you today. I was like where is my buddy? I'm so glad you are ok. Heal and take it easy.  
19 May 16 by member: ChicaLean
Thank you, ChicaLean! I was out for the count! Will definitely take it easy. 
19 May 16 by member: Draglist
Good deal.  
19 May 16 by member: ChicaLean
Ouch! Glad you're ok 🤕 
20 May 16 by member: shaz7140
Owie! You're supposed to ride not slide on the escalator!! Will put you in my prayers for a quick and painless recovery! Please don't use this technique again :D  
20 May 16 by member: spiritspell
Looking great buddy! 
20 May 16 by member: glen
I'm glad the fall wasn't more serious. Rest and heal up! 
20 May 16 by member: jmb3450
Great news that the fall wasn't serious...nice job getting that waking number low again...Bill, take care, have a great day and weekend!! 
20 May 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
Too bad about the accident, but wow, some magical powers that be got you to your goal...what a pleasant surprise in that department...rest and recover pleasantlt... 
20 May 16 by member: NicoleJody
Holy Wow on the 200 mark! 
20 May 16 by member: FrankieBluEyes
WOW!!!!!! 200!!!! AMAZING!!!! Super Job!!!! 
20 May 16 by member: Maine coon
Thank you, friends! 200.2 upon waking the next day, so happy about that, too. Looking like I fought a bear, but otherwise OK. 
20 May 16 by member: Draglist
Congrats on the 200 mark! So is this now the 5:2 plan with an escalator twist? Not sure I want to follow in those footsteps. :) 
20 May 16 by member: jmb3450
Bill, OMG! You are doing okay now? How scary for you and Denise! Amazing loss! Helluva way to get there, though ... bless your heart. Speedy recovery! 
20 May 16 by member: Mom2Boxers
Thanks Jim and Mom! Yes, nobody wants the escalator twist. I look like I fought a grizzly bear (grated metro escalator stairs look remarkably like claw marks!) Denise and Jason spent the entire night at the hospital waiting on my dumb ass. Yes, very scary for them. Thanks for all the kind comments. 
20 May 16 by member: Draglist
Oh my,!!!! I just saw the comment on the escalator!!!! Sorry Bill I Missed that, I am glad you are ok!!! How Scarrry!!!!! 
20 May 16 by member: Maine coon


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