Draglist's Journal, 14 May 16

Woke at 209.4, down 6.4 from yesterday as I successfully pushed out the water weight with a 500 calorie fast day. Fasted until 2 pm and before that, went outside on a beautiful day and walked six miles. Got a 206.0 weigh in upon my return -- and back to the magic blue line! Listened to YouTube while I walked and learned more and more about insulin resistance. Going to be trying to go even lower carb as I go forward. UPDATE: Went over on calories with a superfood mix of Greek yogurt, flax, spirulina, and green superfood (with a tablespoon of Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa and a bit of liquid Stevia). Look up Superfoods with Dr. Mike on YouTube for some good info. He’s another great resource for lots of things.

5/14/16 Tanita Numbers (after 6 miles at about 4 mph):
Weight - 206.0 (est. goal at 10% BF - 183.0) - 23.0 lbs. to lose
Total body fat % - 15.1 (goal is 10% BF) - +5.1%
Total body fat lbs. - 31.0 (est. goal at 10% BF - 18.3) - +12.7 lbs.
Total body water % - 60.3 (balance is 62.5%) - 2.2% dehydrated
Muscle mass lbs. - 166.4 (est. goal at 10% BF - 156.7) - +9.7 lbs. (water)
Physique rating - 6 (high muscle/avg BF; goal is 9 - high muscle/low BF
Bone mass lbs. - 8.6 (est. goal at 10% BF - 8.0) - +.6 (water)
RDI - 2285 / Visceral fat rating - 9 (goal is 7) / Metabolic age - 20

Today's Macros (in grams, rounded) (updated for May):
Targets: 150 fat, 50 net carb, 130 prot, 35 fib, 1500 sod, 2070 cals
Ate: 107 fat, 84 net carb, 216 prot, 50 fib, 3362 sod, 2300 cals (2945 used, 645 deficit)
Running avg: 97 fat, 107 carb, 108 prot, 1738 cals (3199 used, 1461 deficit)
93.4 kg Lost so far: 54.0 kg.    Still to go: 0.5 kg.    Diet followed: 100%.

View Diet Calendar, 14 May 2016:
2300 kcal Fat: 106.58g | Prot: 215.58g | Carbs: 134.32g.   Lunch: Green String Beans, Trader Joe's Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Trader Joe's Large Hazelnuts, Chicken Breast (Skin Not Eaten), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce. Dinner: Food For Life Baking Company Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortillas, Hellmann's Cholesterol Free Canola Mayonnaise, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Cracked Black Peppered Shaved Turkey Breast, Sargento Natural Blends - Sharp Cheddar-Jack, Chicken Breast (Skin Not Eaten), G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce, Green String Beans, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bob's Red Mill Chia Seed, Organic Black Cumin Seeds. Snacks/Other: Nature Made Super B-Complex, Nature Made Calcium, Now Magnesium Citrate, Feel Great 365 Daily Boost Vitamin Shot, Turmeric Capsules, Super Krill, Vitamin D3 5000 IU, Safeway Chopped Walnuts, Healthworks Cacoa Nibs, Pineapple, Golden Flax Seeds, Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt, Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Drink Powder, Triquetra Health Organic Spirulina, Hershey's Natural Unsweetened Cocoa. more...
2945 kcal Exercise: FitBit Tracker - 24 hours. more...
Losing 18.4 kg a Week

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You had a nice day so far. Enjoy the blue line again. Have a beautiful Sunday :-) 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
Hi, Carmen! My fasting has messed up my food storage. I had some chicken and green beans about to go bad so I ate them up today! Added some other 'superfoods' like spirulina, flax, black cumin, and chia. Went a bit over on calories, but will adjust tomorrow. Hope you had a great day, too! 
14 May 16 by member: Draglist
I am a coffee lady and I am not used to super foods (lol). We will see tomorrow. The 5 days of the week, when I can have 1480, I stop to 1000. I cant eat more. Is this O.K? Thank you very much 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
I would ensure that you are getting the macros you need. Good fats, some protein, little carbs. If you are getting the fats and protein you need, you should be fine! Cheese and nuts are your friends! :) 
14 May 16 by member: Draglist
Thank you Bill, thank you very much. I like very much cheese but I dont know what nuts may I have, I dont know wht americans include in nuts, thank you very much. 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
Amen Bill! If not for cheese and nuts, I would fall way short on my calories daily! They are great for the days you don't have a big appetite but need small foods with big numbers! 
14 May 16 by member: debrafrederick
Macadamia nuts are excellent, tasty, very low on carbs, very high on fat, brazil nuts, walnut, pecans....when you get into cashews, almonds and peanuts you are moving into higher carb territory so you gotta weigh those and be careful with them. Sunflower seed kernels are also high in fat and I love them on my salads. I like all of them raw, or roasted with sea salt, or freeze dried. I love peanuts boiled, they have the texture of a bean when boiled. Lots of tasty ways to eat nuts :) 
14 May 16 by member: debrafrederick
Debra has the latest science on this! Totally agree on all. What sucks is that I avoided nuts due to their high calories for quite a while, but now I realize how good they are for me. 
14 May 16 by member: Draglist
Debra thank you very much. Read again my journal I have a very nice video of Shaun T for biceps, triceps and shoulders, maybe you like it. Sunflower seeds I dont like, but I like almonds, peanuts and walnuts, thank you very much. 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
Cheese has carbs too. 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
Some... but way more fat and protein! 
14 May 16 by member: Draglist
Thank you very much Bill. Wonderful night for me (lol) You are still in the afternoon, eevening. :-) 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
It's 9:42 pm right now. Enjoying the evening and watching Dr. Mike on Youtube (Chromecast to my TV). Now talking about bad foods and the resulting disease. 
14 May 16 by member: Draglist
Disease, not a nice wordbut then you will be well informed and so we will learn it from you. Thank you very much Bill. I watch Shaun T workout to see if I can do it. I f you have seen the movie "Arthur", Dudley Moore has a granny who paid a personal trainer ripped, 12 packs abs etc, just to watch him training himself. I am this granny now (lol) 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
I will look up Shaun. The workout is my next step. Did it a lot two years ago but got busy and stopped. But the treadmill and walking -- even HIIT -- is not enough. 
14 May 16 by member: Draglist
Yes, that is the reason I started these videos. I cant stand still. As long as I have this "desease" I want to make the most of it (lol) 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
14 May 16 by member: kpwcalories
"disease" Warren there was a mistake here! 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
who? or what? How are you sweet kpwcalories ? 
14 May 16 by member: carmen1098
LOL MY head,is still spinning with all those numbers-But as usual you put everything together perfectly!!! :). I think I finally have found an old system that works for me, I just have to stick with it. It's called stick within calorie range and get your exercise in.- Easy formula but always not so easy for me!-;), Enjoy your Sunday!!! :) 
14 May 16 by member: Maine coon


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