Draglist's Journal, 17 May 15

Did not make it to the treadmill today but fasted until 6pm. Did some light pool maintenance but most of the day was spent catching up on computer work and studying probate laws. But moving a lot of water and reached 224.8 after waking at 228.2. So heading downward. Denise was worried about me alternating 1000 and 1900 days for the rest of the month in an attempt to even out to my 1967 per day calorie goal. I’m going to go with her recommendation and just start adhering to my 1967 per day goal without regard for catching up to that number as an average by the end of the month. I may take a super low cal day once a week or maybe just eat BMR (1746) now and then.

5/17/15 Tanita Numbers (after 22 hours fasting; no workout);
Weight - 224.8 (est. goal at 10% BF - 182.9) - 41.9 lbs. to lose
Total body fat % - 15.5 (goal is 10% BF) - +5.5%
Total body fat lbs. - 34.9 (est. goal at 10% BF - 18.3) - +16.6 lbs.
Total body water % - 63.0 (balance is 62.5%) - .5% overhydrated
Muscle mass lbs. - 180.7 (est. goal at 10% BF - 156.5) - +24.2 lbs. (water)
Physique rating - 6 (high muscle/avg BF; goal is 9 - high muscle/low BF)
Bone mass lbs. - 9.2 (est. goal at 10% BF - 8.0) - +1.2 (water)
RDI 2526 / Visceral fat rating - 9 (goal is 7) / Metabolic age - 19

Today's If It Fits Your Macros numbers (macro numbers in grams, rounded):
Targets: 67 fat, 187 carbs, 154 protein, 38 fiber, <1500 sodium, 1967 cals
Ate: 79 fat, 152 carb, 171 prot, 55 fib, 2374 sod, 1942 cals (2422 used, 480 deficit)
Running avg: 153 fat, 386 carb, 139 prot, 3732 cals (2867 used, 865 surplus)
102.0 kg Lost so far: 45.4 kg.    Still to go: 9.0 kg.    Diet followed: Poorly.

View Diet Calendar, 17 May 2015:
1942 kcal Fat: 79.26g | Prot: 170.62g | Carbs: 152.14g.   Breakfast: Crisco Pure Organic Coconut Oil. Lunch: Baby Carrots, dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Isolate Chocolate, Trader Joe's Organic Raw Honey, Broccoli. Dinner: Mama Lucia Meatballs, Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables, Panera Bread Fat Free Reduced-Sugar Poppyseed Dressing, Bolthouse Farms Raspberry Merlot Vinaigrette Dressing. Snacks/Other: centrum silver multivitamin, Nature Made Fish Oil 1000 mg, Magnesium Citrate, Quest Mixed Berry Bliss, O Organics O ORGNC FROZ RASPBERRIES, Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Isolate - Chocolate, Healthworks Cacoa Nibs, Bob's Red Mill Chia Seed, Golden Flax Seeds, Organic Black Cumin Seeds, Baby Spinach, Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk. more...
2422 kcal Exercise: FitBit Tracker - 24 hours. more...
Losing 0.4 kg a Week

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There is always so much to catch up on! A little dose of "normal" would go a long way right now. BTW - for what it's worth, I agree with Denise. There is no big race to get back to 198. It will happen in time.  
17 May 15 by member: BuffyBear
Thanks, Buffy. I did the math earlier and discovered that I could not hit my monthly goal even if I ate nothing else in May! That makes backing off of it a little easier! My goal now is to burn ate least as many calories as I ate in May -- and that in itself will be a challenge, but one I can mitigate by exercise as well as healthier eating. 
17 May 15 by member: Draglist
Normal. .... sounds good to me! 
17 May 15 by member: glen
Thanks, Glen! 
17 May 15 by member: Draglist
Bunch of cliche's that work well for me: ... Dont enforce mistakes, enforce the successes. That means that if you try to catch up, you will be remembering your mistakes over and over again. ... Take a deep breath, accept a past you can no longer change, No shame over what you where, be proud of who you ARE. ... to get ahead you must look ahead and ... make another attempt with all your might! 
18 May 15 by member: puhpine
Relax in your efforts, if that makes sense. Take your time but try to stay focussed. Relaxed focus!.. that's the word. Take your time while you heal from the last couple of weeks.  
18 May 15 by member: cstout30
Take care of you!! 
18 May 15 by member: skwhite
Thanks. I'm doing great. I do not see things in terms of mistakes or failures. I was fully aware of everything I did over the past two weeks and would not change any of it. This is just the way I do it. My 'vacation' was extended a bit due to unforeseen circumstances, but now that I'm back in my routine I'll go into the 'lean' phase. It just may take a bit longer. 
18 May 15 by member: Draglist
Bill it's great that you can get back to business so to speak. Good plan for moving forward, you'll get back to where you want to be. 
18 May 15 by member: jmb3450
Thanks, Jim. 215 today, more later... 
18 May 15 by member: Draglist
Wow, the water is flushing out quick. 
18 May 15 by member: jmb3450
Faster than I thought. I was hoping for 217 but got 215... I have literally had to visit the little boys room in 20-minute spans... I'm glad I was home over the weekend and today! 
18 May 15 by member: Draglist
The slow and steady might work in your favor this time. You are so driven! Sometimes, it is good to take a little longer. You will get there, no doubt! 
18 May 15 by member: kattay
Thank you, Kattay. 
19 May 15 by member: Draglist


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