Draglist's Journal, 21 Feb 14

Rockin' down the highway, gang. Light eating day followed by an 835 calorie treadmill workout resulted in a good 213.0 weigh in. Ate dinner after and got to 1970 calories. But decided to celebrate with two single malts, so right back exactly to the 2152 calorie total from yesterday! Oh well. Also, ate three Brach's cinnamon sugar free hard candies. FIBER ALERT! Those little suckers have 17 grams of fiber in a three piece serving (also 17 grams of carbs but only 35 calories). If you need fiber, that's a fun way to get a lot. Enjoy your Friday night! I have Pandora on the stereo and rockin...

Here are the 2/21/14 Tanita Numbers (pre-dinner, post-835 calorie treadmill workout):

Weight - 213.0
Total body fat pct - 15.4
Total body water pct - 62.0
Visceral fat rating - 9
Muscle mass lbs. - 171.4
Physique rating - 6
Bone mass lbs. - 8.8
Daily calories: 4228 (BMR 2375)
Metabolic age - 21

BLOOD SUGAR BONUS - first check since 1/10/14 - 92

If It Fits Your Macros numbers (all numbers in grams, rounded):
My targets: 86 fat, 60 carbs, 43-54 fiber, 269 protein, 2090 cals
Today ate: 64 fat, 161 carbs, 47.2 fiber, 220 protein, 2152 cals
Running avg: 74 fat, 188 carbs, 44.45 fiber, 222 protein, 2299 cals
96.6 kg Lost so far: 50.8 kg.    Still to go: 3.6 kg.    Diet followed: Reasonably Well.

View Diet Calendar, 21 February 2014:
2152 kcal Fat: 64.00g | Prot: 219.59g | Carbs: 160.94g.   Breakfast: Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Chia Seeds, Lucerne 2% Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Bob's Red Mill Wheat Bran, Syntrax Nectar Latte Cappuccino Whey Protein Isolate. Dinner: Safeway Turkey Meatloaf, Egg, A&W A&W Ten, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Mesquite Turkey Breast, Archer Farms Raw Almonds Unsalted, Dannon All Natural Nonfat Plain Yogurt, Syntrax Nectar Latte Cappuccino Whey Protein Isolate. Snacks/Other: Vitafusion Vitafusion Power C Gummy Vitamins, Vitafusion Vitafusion Calcium Gummy Vitamins, Nature Made Nature Made Adult Gummies Fish Oil, vitafusion vitafusion 027917022703, vitafusion vitafusion Vitafusion vitamin d3, Schiff Schiff Probiotic Gummies, Brach's Sugar Free Lemon Drops, Red Lobster Single Malt Scotches, brach's BRACHS SUGAR FREE CINNAMON. more...
3162 kcal Exercise: Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 21 minutes, Walking (brisk) - 4/mph - 1 hour and 40 minutes, Sleeping - 2 hours and 58 minutes, Resting - 19 hours and 1 minute. more...
Losing 7.0 kg a Week

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Brach's... Shopping tomorrow. Sounds way more fun that what I'm doing. 
22 Feb 14 by member: northernmusician
Well done, by the way. 
22 Feb 14 by member: northernmusician
Awesome. Your numbers look great. BTW.. Thanks for the Brachs tip. I'll look for them. I've been trying to incorporate more cinnamon into my diet and I'm always looking to increase my fiber intake. How do you feel the IIFYM experiment is going. Are you getting the results you hoped for or expected so far? 
22 Feb 14 by member: TXSnowman
Dude!!! That is awesome!!! 
22 Feb 14 by member: NinerMom91
Thanks, everyone! I have to say that the IIFYM thing is working out exactly as Keld had predicted. I think I went a little high on the calories at first, so I pulled back by a few hundred a day and I'm dropping the pounds again. One month ago, I weighed 212.0, but had 16.9 percent body fat (35.8 lbs). I was happy with that. Today, I weigh 212.0 but have 15.4 percent body fat (32.6 lbs). My lean muscle mass (according to the Tanita scale) has gone from about 167-168 to 171-174. I increased my calories by 800 a day for most of the month from 1550 average to 2350 average, but I recently pulled it back to 2100. So I'm staying the same weight, but I'm losing the fat and I'm getting to eat 600 extra calories a day. What's not to like! LOL. The other bonus is that my ultimate goal weight keeps rising because there is no way I can get to 190 anymore. That would be too little body fat. Right now, my goal is listed at 200, but if I keep increasing muscle mass, that might have to get to about 205. I'm going to target 10 percent body fat, which is quite lean. I'm also definitely seeing the changes in my body. My muscles have more definition, my arms are getting veiny, and I'm definitely getting stronger. In fact, my son bought me a set of 10 lb. dumbbells for Christmas. I used them throughout Jan and Feb. Today, I just bought a set of 25 pounders to provide more resistance. I found that on some exercises, I was having to do 50-60 reps to get to the point of failure. That typically increases definition but not mass. These new suckers should do the trick! And I get to do it all in the comfort of my family room. | Those Brach's candies were a great find. I was frankly looking for the little 'regularity' boost that some sugar free candies can provide and these seem to work OK. (I've read that Haribo sugar free gummy bears are the gold standard for that -- eat 15 and stand back!) I was amazed to see FatSecret report the fiber in them. Thinking it might have been a member entry mistake, I looked at the bag and sure enough, 17 grams of fiber, 17 carbs, and 35 measly calories in three. Tasty treat even without the gastrointestinal bonus. PS. I also got the Lemon Drops. A few less calories but no fiber. - Have a good one, friends! 
22 Feb 14 by member: Draglist
Bill, I went on line to buy some of these, but all of the nutrition labels I can find for this product show 35 calories, no fat, 17g of Carbs, no sugar, but no fiber either. Looking at the ingredients, it shows that the 17g of Carbs appear to be sugar alcohol, not fiber. Am I looking at the wrong product? What I can find is called Brach's Sugar Free Cinnamon Hard Candy. 
22 Feb 14 by member: TXSnowman
That should be the one. I tossed out the bag already, but FS showed the same thing. Here is a website that even discusses that the carbs are essentially free because they have 17 grams of carbs and you get to deduct the 17 grams of fiber: http://www6.netrition.com/ brachs_sf_candy.html (remove the space after the slash). 
22 Feb 14 by member: Draglist
Bill, I checked out the link you gave. I'm sorry to say that if you click the blue link for "Net Carbs" it confirms what I feared. There are 17g of total carbs. 17g of Carbs if you subtract fiber. 0g of Carbs if you subtract fiber & sugar alcohols. So while there is no sugar in these, there is also no fiber. All of the carbs are sugar alcohols. They are sweet and tasty with no sugar hit, but also no fiber. 
23 Feb 14 by member: TXSnowman
Too bad they can show that on the package. Maybe they were just trying to give folks a hint that the carbs don't count? 
23 Feb 14 by member: Draglist
You bet. And I still believe that a candy with zero net carbs is a real find. The cinnamon is pure bonus as well. I will definitely be trying these! 
23 Feb 14 by member: TXSnowman
The sugar alcohol tends to cause 'intestinal discomfort' in some. Actually, what's what I was hoping for as I'm trying to tune up the regularity. Had it down to a science before going high protein a month ago, but trying to find the key again. 
23 Feb 14 by member: Draglist
The chia combined with lots of green leafy veggies has been good for me. You might try sugar free psyllium husk as well. 
24 Feb 14 by member: TXSnowman
I use all of these, TX, but still having issues. I will keep trying to adjust the formula! I'll get there. 
24 Feb 14 by member: Draglist


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