Draglist's Journal, 27 Dec 13

Up ten more pounds after three additional days of holiday overeating. Continually amazed at how fast it goes back on when I indulge for more than one or two days in a row. Had fun but back on the attack we go.

12/27/13 Tanita scores (early afternoon, five hours after 470 calorie breakfast, 30 minutes after 505 calorie workout)

Weight - 229.4
Total body fat pct - 15.9
Total body water pct - 62.0
Visceral fat rating - 10
Muscle mass lbs. - 183.6
Physique rating - 6
Bone mass lbs. - 9.4
Daily Calorie Intake - 4571 (2564 BMR)
Metabolic age - 20

Crazy numbers. At least five pounds of the increase is attributed to muscle mass and bones, which is weird. Body fat percentage remains low, but the afternoon/evening reading is supposed to be the correct one. Metabolic age is just funny, but good news I guess!
104.1 kg Lost so far: 43.4 kg.    Still to go: 11.1 kg.    Diet followed: Poorly.

View Diet Calendar, 27 December 2013:
2597 kcal Fat: 65.80g | Prot: 120.86g | Carbs: 309.81g.   Breakfast: Cosi Santa Fe Breakfast Wrap. Lunch: Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Chia Seeds, dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, Oscar Mayer cajun chicken breast, Blue Horizon Wild Albacore Tuna Burgers, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meats Shaved Honey Ham. Dinner: Sushi, Kirin Ichiban Beer, Sapporo Sapporo Beer, Sapporo Sapporo Beer, Baked or Broiled Salmon, Soybeans (Mature Seeds, Steamed, Cooked). Snacks/Other: Mayfield Moose Tracks Ice Cream, Meijer Caramel Caribou Ice Cream. more...
3057 kcal Exercise: Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 23 minutes, Walking (brisk) - 4/mph - 55 minutes, Sleeping - 5 hours and 45 minutes, Resting - 16 hours and 57 minutes. more...
Gaining 10.2 kg a Week

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Amazing isn't it when we get off track. One day for me is OK, but 2 days puts me back about a week. Oh well, this too shall pass - one day we will all be at maintenance - yeeha! 
27 Dec 13 by member: Lynn1958
Yes! My goal for that is April Fool's Day! Let's hope I'm not fooling myself! : ) 
27 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
I'll be right behind you - I hope! 
27 Dec 13 by member: Lynn1958
You mean this doesn't just happen to women! LOL  
27 Dec 13 by member: Janetneu
me thinks we all suffered the same fate, but this time around we know its only a temporary setback, very pleased to see a .5Kg drop this morning so nearly back to where I was on Christmas eve and feeling better in lots of ways, but mainly knowing I can live a little now and again and not stay in those old bad habits. 
27 Dec 13 by member: Kingstephen
That's great. No, it happens to me all the time Janet! I did worse this time than I did at Easter and Thanksgiving. Going to take a while to get this extra weight and fluids back off. 
27 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
One good thing about the gain is the speed we lose it after returning to our diets.  
27 Dec 13 by member: ClassicRocker
Yeah, that works if I go low cal enough, but nowhere near as fast as it is to put it on! 
27 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
And not half as much fun. 
27 Dec 13 by member: ClassicRocker
The added muscle mass actually makes sense. What happens is that you most likely had a LOT more carbs than you normally have. The carbs that you over-eat, and thus don't have "room" for in your blood stream, goes straight to your fat cells, and pull 4-5 times their own weight with them in water. So, if you have an excess of 2 oz. of carbs, then you gain a pound! Of course, it's not fat. It's mostly water. I have done this SO many times, and it'll take you a week to shed it again. Now, the water that you gain has to find room somewhere. So it goes to sit in your muscles. What is wild is that if you go do strength training today, you will actually see that you are STRONGER when you have more water sitting in your muscles. You can actually life more. Crazy, isn't it? Sadly, it's a short term thing. It would be nice if we could eat us strong in candy, huh? LOL. In regards to the 10 lbs gain - don't sweat it. Just get on track and do good, and they are gone before you know it. They're not a 100% fat gain. If that was the case, you should have consumed 35,000 calories more than you have burned over the holidays. I sincerely doubt that you went THAT crazy. :)  
27 Dec 13 by member: kingkeld
You're right, ClassicRocker! Keld, no, I didn't go THAT crazy, but close! LOL. Thanks. That all makes sense. I have a 200 per day protein requirement that I'm going to try to hit. If I get anywhere close to that I can't imagine having room for anything else. 
28 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
Oh if we could lose as fast as we gain...none of us would have to worry...Have a great day...:O) 
28 Dec 13 by member: BHA
Keld... kiddo and I had the same conversation about the 35k calories and the water weight with the carbs. Making it a point to workout today. One of my kick ass workouts. 
28 Dec 13 by member: ClassicRocker
What kind of Tania scale do you have? Just curious about pricing. I have looked and have no clue what kind to get.  
28 Dec 13 by member: Mom2Boxers
I have the BC-533. 89 bucks at Amazon.com. Well worth it, I think. www.tanita.com/en/bc533/ 
28 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
Hey, Bill... sorry to hear it has jumped that much, but I know you'll get it back down quickly. Keld's info on the muscle mass increase with water is great info. Won't be long before you drop it all again. :D 35,000 calories. Hah! That's like 20 full pizzas. 
28 Dec 13 by member: Rob.c.weiss
Thanks Bill! I am going to take a look at that and put it on my wish list. :) 
28 Dec 13 by member: Mom2Boxers
Thanks... on my way. Need to clear out the last of the goodies but my daughter is here for two more days yet! 
28 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
I think you'll love it, Mom2Boxers. Just check with us when you see what appear to be crazy numbers. Keld had to talk me down and help me understand them! 
28 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
Okay. Thank you... you can count on it, as I am NOT a numbers person. Ha! 
28 Dec 13 by member: Mom2Boxers


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