Draglist's Journal, 24 Jul 16

Woke at 212.2, down 3.0 from yesterday. Got some movement late last night and early, early this morning. Worked on some projects until 3:30 am, so slept in until 1:30 pm on Sunday. That put me right into my eating window so I had a massive omelet to kick off the day. The 212.2 is likely my low for the day with two meals to eat, but will check later. Targeting 2093 calories today. UPDATE: Enjoyed two big meals, hit my calorie goal, and got close to my macros. With all the sleep today, will probably even out calorie input and output by the end of the day. Tomorrow is a 5:2 fast day.

7/24/16 Tanita Numbers (after 18 hours fasting, no workout):
Weight - 212.2 (est. goal at 10% BF - 183.0) - 29.2 lbs. to lose
Total body fat % - 15.4 (goal is 10% BF) - +5.4%
Total body fat lbs. - 32.7 (est. goal at 10% BF - 18.3) - +14.4 lbs.
Total body water % - 57.5 (balance is 62.5%) - 5.0% dehydrated
Muscle mass lbs. - 170.9 (est. goal at 10% BF - 156.7) - +14.2 lbs. (water)
Physique rating - 6 (high muscle/avg BF; goal is 9 - high muscle/low BF
Bone mass lbs. - 8.6 (est. goal at 10% BF - 8.0) - +.6 lbs. (water)
RDI - 2289 / Visceral fat rating - 10 (goal is 8) / Metabolic age - 20

Macros (in grams, rounded) (updated for July):
Targets: 180 fat, 40 net carb, 80 prot, 30 fib, 1500 sod, 2100 cals
Ate: 154 fat, 42 net carb, 117 prot, 31 fib, 1637 sod, 2096 cals (2183 used, 87 deficit)
Running avg: 115 fat, 78 carb, 101 prot, 1725 cals (2801 used, 1076 deficit)

View Diet Calendar, 24 July 2016:
2096 kcal Fat: 154.38g | Prot: 116.54g | Carbs: 72.60g.   Lunch: Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium, dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, Egg, Blueberries, Lucerne Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese, Spinach, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Broccoli, Blackberries, Jalapeno Peppers, Butter. Dinner: Shadybrook Farms Boneless Turkey Breast Chops, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables, Julian Bakery Paleo Wrap, Smucker's Sugar Free Strawberry Jam, Smucker's Natural Chunky Peanut Butter, Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese, Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Snacks/Other: Nature Made Super B-Complex, Nature Made Calcium, Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium, Centrum Silver - Men 50+, Now Magnesium Citrate, Turmeric Capsules, Super Krill, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Kelp, C-1000, Aloe Vera Juice, Ghirardelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao (1), Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies. more...
2183 kcal Exercise: FitBit Tracker - 24 hours. more...

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Great going! 
24 Jul 16 by member: ChicaLean
Thanks! Just needed patience and fluids! 
24 Jul 16 by member: Draglist
And sleep.... I've noticed that when I log extra hou8rs on the weekends, I drop more. Sometimes a lot more.  
24 Jul 16 by member: jimmiepop
Nice drop! #letsGO! 
24 Jul 16 by member: jimmiepop
Yes! Trying to get more sleep as often as I can! I agree that I've been severely remiss in my recovery mechanisms! 
24 Jul 16 by member: Draglist
You're still in the green!  
25 Jul 16 by member: Scalewatcher3
Thanks, Scalewatcher! At a minimum! I'd be inconsolable if I slipped back out of that! Still have six pounds of water to lose to get back to blue, however. 
25 Jul 16 by member: Draglist
Everyone tells me the best way to get rid of water weight is to drink more water. Personally I'm sick of tasteless water so I bought a liter of Food Lion's Black Cherry flavored sparkling water, delicious! You may want to give it a try. 
26 Jul 16 by member: Scalewatcher3
Yum! I also found Hibiscus Raspberry Zinger tea. It's amazing with a little Stevia in it and more antioxidants than green tea! 
26 Jul 16 by member: Draglist
Where did you find it?  
27 Jul 16 by member: Scalewatcher3
We got it at Safeway. Not hard to find.  
28 Jul 16 by member: Draglist
30 Jul 16 by member: Scalewatcher3


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