Draglist's Journal, 06 May 16

Woke at 207.4, up 2.0 after a happy hour that led to a late night dinner out (with dessert). Oops. Today is a 600 calorie day on my 5:2 plan so we'll gather it back in! UPDATE: Working from home so got on the treadmill early for my reading chores. Did 90 minutes at 3 mph and finished before noon. Cheat meal last night worked wonders for my constitution and I moved out a ton of waste and water before and after my walk. Got an amazing 203.8 weigh in, which truly surprised me. Will fast until 6 pm and then eat my 600 calorie dinner. Banked 10K steps and 6 miles as of noon, so anything over this will be gravy today.

5/06/16 Tanita Numbers (after 16:8 fast, 90 minute treadmill at 3 mph):
Weight - 203.8 (est. goal at 10% BF - 183.0) - 20.8 lbs. to lose
Total body fat % - 15.1 (goal is 10% BF) - +5.1%
Total body fat lbs. - 30.8 (est. goal at 10% BF - 18.3) - +12.5 lbs.
Total body water % - 59.3 (balance is 62.5%) - 3.2% dehydrated
Muscle mass lbs. - 164.6 (est. goal at 10% BF - 156.7) - +7.9 lbs. (water)
Physique rating - 6 (high muscle/avg BF; goal is 9 - high muscle/low BF
Bone mass lbs. - 8.4 (est. goal at 10% BF - 8.0) - +.4 (water)
RDI - 2250 / Visceral fat rating - 10 (goal is 7) / Metabolic age - 20

Today's Macros (in grams, rounded) (updated for May):
Targets: 150 fat, 50 net carb, 130 prot, 35 fib, 1500 sod, 2070 cals
Ate: 32 fat, 23 net carb, 46 prot, 20 fib, 550 sod, 604 cals (3285 used, 2681 deficit)
Running avg: 90 fat, 95 carb, 101 prot, 1620 cals (3127 used, 1507 deficit)

View Diet Calendar, 06 May 2016:
604 kcal Fat: 31.87g | Prot: 45.94g | Carbs: 42.67g.   Dinner: Pork Chops (Top Loin, Boneless), G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce, Broccoli, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Snacks/Other: Nature Made Super B-Complex, Nature Made Calcium, Now Magnesium Citrate, Feel Great 365 Daily Boost Vitamin Shot, Turmeric Capsules, Super Krill, Vitamin D3 5000 IU, Kirkland Signature Dry Roasted Almonds, Healthworks Cacoa Nibs, Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies. more...
3285 kcal Exercise: FitBit Tracker - 24 hours. more...

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Not bad buddy! 
06 May 16 by member: glen
The 5:2 plan is working for you? Good luck for today 
06 May 16 by member: osher
Thanks, Glen and Osher! Actually, the cheat meal last night turned out to be very beneficial in terms of cleaning me out today! So no harm! 
06 May 16 by member: Draglist
Two coffees with whipped cream adios to my 500 cal day. But I will survive Bill. I am so happy and you go better tomorrow. Have a nice day buddy :-) 
06 May 16 by member: carmen1098
No worries, you're the master at averaging out those calories. 
06 May 16 by member: jmb3450
Do you like that Fitbit tracker? Is that one you wear on your wrist? 
06 May 16 by member: ny_shelly
Sounds like a fun use of 500 calories, Carmen! Hang in there for the rest of the day! Thanks, Jim! May have to do a slight but of further adjustment tomorrow. Haven't entered them all in for yesterday yet! Hi, Shelly! Yes, I love my Fitbit. It's the Surge, which tracks my heart rate as well. 
06 May 16 by member: Draglist
Thank you Draglist. Coffee day! 
06 May 16 by member: carmen1098
Great plan. I have had water, black coffee, and now green tea with some apple cider vinegar in it. But I'm going to fast until dinner. That will give me a nice 600 calories all at once. Not hungry in the least yet, but I do have a bit of a headache and a little low on energy 
06 May 16 by member: Draglist
Headache was yesteraday for me, but I ignored it. All well. Enjoy your dinner (with dessert) lol 
06 May 16 by member: carmen1098
Will do, but no dessert today! I escaped last night's cheat meal without too much trouble! 
06 May 16 by member: Draglist
My fault, I thought it was a text for today. Bye Bill thank you 
06 May 16 by member: carmen1098
No problem! Enjoy your evening! 
06 May 16 by member: Draglist
Excellent results! 
06 May 16 by member: FrankieBluEyes
I'm wondering what you do if you are coming down with a cold? I'm going through this now and find it very hard to stick with the recommended calories under such conditions...any experience with this advice? Currently I'm eating more to fight the cold~ so over calorie recommendations...all good stuff, yet, nonetheless... 
06 May 16 by member: NicoleJody
Thank you, Lynn! Nicole, I haven't experienced a severe cold recently. I must have had one over the past four years, but I can't remember. I would probably not change much myself. But my recommendation is to eat what you need to get better and then begin your way of eating again. 
06 May 16 by member: Draglist
Thanks for the advice!  
06 May 16 by member: NicoleJody


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