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A frustrated photo, because I know I have to give up certain things that I like, like sweets in order to get healthier. And frustrated because I’m a perfectionist, and feel like I fail if I don’t do everything perfectly. Struggling with sugar withdrawal.

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There are always (in moderation) fruits, Amy! They are absolutely jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, and the natural sugars in them might really help you to miss other sweets less. I started every day for the first couple weeks with the following breakfast: 1 each 🍏 🍊 🍌 . It jumpstarted my initial weight loss and I felt great. (I should really still be doing that.) 
21 Jul 21 by member: grammalaura
It’s a good idea, gramma! I have had luck with 1/4 cup of peanuts as well. My struggle also comes with “Well eating that was good, I want to eat more.” 
21 Jul 21 by member: missamy108
Having it regularly in such quantities should deal with those cravings, is the hope, I think. A book that came out years ago called “Sugar Blues” made the point that the addiction many of us have to sugar is clinically real and just as difficult to deal with as any other. So you’re not wrong about that. 
22 Jul 21 by member: grammalaura
Oh Miss Amy, Your message seems so woeful. It IS hard to get over the carbohydrate yo-yo at the beginning. When the level are down, it's a serious craving and its so easy to overdo it and go too high. If you can get the sugar levels to stabilize, it will get easier. If I might say so, you look beautiful, despite your blues. Your eyes are lovely and clear. You have wonderful eyebrows! As for being a perfectionist, remember that there are many ways to get to a goal. Set yourself little attainable objectives. There are no right or wrong ways to get there. Just different ways! Keep experimenting. That's how you can learn what works for you. We support you all the way. 
22 Jul 21 by member: Courageous Crocus
A long time ago I lost 50lbs on herbal magic. I struggle with sweets as well. I feel your frustration. I get physically mad inside when I see sweets and want them so bad...I mainly gained my weight back with new a relationship where my partner always snacks and buys me snacks..then I had 2 children... sooo here I am.... BUT I had to adjust the ways I could have treats. Try sugar free choc pudding with a tbsp of low sod. peanut butter stirred in as a treat. Or skinny cow ice cream treats once a day. I found things like this helps a lot. Treats aren't all bad. If you cut things out completely you are guaranteed to fall off the wagon over and over. Your body needs sugars every now and then..just in moderation. Please dont give up on your journey..You got this!!😊 
22 Jul 21 by member: crystalg6
If you haven't tried"Smart Sweets" yet give them a try, no sugar but definitely satisfy the sweet craving, they have several kinds, the sour gummies are awesome. I also find a low sugar fudgicle does the trick. Good luck and I agree, you have good eyebrows!  
22 Jul 21 by member: joanne9876
You’re all awesome, I hope you know that.  
22 Jul 21 by member: missamy108
Sugar is my enemy, I don't think I'm an addict to anything other than sugar, I can go weeks without anything sweet and once I do have something, I don't want more.....I NEED MORE!!! it will derail me for sure. We all have our vices/weaknesses. Best of luck!!! 
22 Jul 21 by member: Ryan311
one year ago cut out excessive carbs and sugar.arthritis in my knees stopped.if I sneak a bit in here and there,its ok. eat more than a bit and it takes days and days to stop craving sugar..I am a sweet addict..u are not alone with all this,for sure. 
22 Jul 21 by member: lamapa515
I do understand. It is so difficult to give up things like sugar and other tasty things. I look at it in moderation. If I walk an extra kilometre I don’t feel the guilt . 
22 Jul 21 by member: Jane_Darcy
sugar is a REALLY TOUGH one for me as well. I unfortunately don't even try, I know it will be a definite fail. so I do my best to keep it to a bare minimum, make sure I plan it early and count it. but it is certainly not a battle I always win. 
22 Jul 21 by member: lose10plus
I have nothing to add except, holy are you pretty :) grrrrrl 😜 
22 Jul 21 by member: TorStar80
if you're craving sweets make an iced coffee with a teeny bit of milk and dark chocolate stevia(calorie free). it'll keep you less cranky, and satisfied. 
22 Jul 21 by member: McFiggy
I feel you. Mine is cheese. I could live on cheese and crackers alone. Glad I'm not alone. 
22 Jul 21 by member: lclavergne
I retired recently, and could not walk by sweets of any kind. Using this app I realized that I can still treat myself and still reach goals. I went from 215 to 175 and I feel so much better. Occasionally I "fall off the wagon" but get back on. Hang in there.  
22 Jul 21 by member: woodpusher
found a great on line help...The Crappy Childhood Fairy...amazing..also check out Florence Christophers and/or Cassie Christopher...both have been so helpful! Facebook and YouTube. Best wishes!! 
23 Jul 21 by member: hmmb0918
@missamy108, anything sweet-tasting is my crack, so I can understand your frustration! The advice provided by grammalaura and the others is really great! 
24 Jul 21 by member: moufette123
The only way I got through the sugar cravings was adding a lot of fruit. You might be thinking fruit is not the same as refined sugary treats, and it's because it's not. Fruit has the sugar that your body is actually craving. I couldn't believe the difference this made. I don't even look at sweets anymore. Pick your favourite fruit and eat a lot of it ;) 
26 Jul 21 by member: jenny-craig
Fruit and flavoured soda water helped me. I was never crazy for sweets though. If you have to cut down slowly that's fine too. A lifestyle change has to be sustainable. Wishing you lots of success and good health whatever choices you make.  
26 Jul 21 by member: troutymctrouttrout
Thanks, everyone. ❤️ 
27 Jul 21 by member: missamy108


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