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I’m at least below my original starting weight again!

The last few nights I’ve been going for walks with my husband. It’s been a good start for exercise. Then if I want to do something more, I can, and if I can’t, that’s okay.

As much as I loved how quickly I was losing weight on keto (and wish I could still be following it), the nice thing about needing to be on low carb rather than keto, is that some sugar is okay - whether it’s a little fruit or starch. And I’m finding it easier when I’m other places (despite COVID, both me and my husband have responsibilities that take us away from our home often). I’m just trying to keep them as smart carbs. I’m hoping I won’t feel deprived and need to binge.

3 glasses of water today - I think I need to start drinking water the moment I get up. I’m realizing a cup of tea is often my only morning liquid.
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Some sugar is ok on a keto lifestyle too. The key is to understand it just needs to be in moderation & a treat or cheat day is to be treated as just that. I'm keto but nothing to stop me from eating a lunch at mcdonalds one day. Not allowing it to become a number of days in a row is the "trap". And keto IS low carb eating so I'm curious what you are referring to by differentiating the 2? 
23 May 20 by member: tenax661
Tenax, very true. I did have a hard time depriving myself so much to get into ketosis. When I did have sugar, I would tend to go overboard. Low carb allows me a little more each day, so that I will hopefully not binge. Low carb is less than an average carb intake, but it’s high enough that you don’t end up in ketosis the way you do on keto. When I was on keto, my body reacted badly to so few carbs - I had an intense rash that just kept getting worse. I’m on meds that can have a serious rash side effect as well, so I didn’t want to push my body. Once I added more carbs it slowly went away. That’s great that you have done so well on keto! I did love how quickly I shed pounds on it, so for that reason I’m sad not to do it anymore.  
24 May 20 by member: dmbell04
Curious how many carbs you eat per day on average? 
24 May 20 by member: tenax661
Tenax, ideally I’d like to be in 15-25% of my daily intake, but I haven’t been as sticky with it like I was when on keto. I definitely aim to be 1200ish calories, regardless of carb intake. My diet otherwise included mostly carbs, so it’s still a big drop for me - I love bread, pasta and potatoes and all the high carb fruits (never mind chocolate...)! Some days I’m good, others not, but I’m trying to get closer and closer to that range 😊 I’d like to settle into something I can keep up with long term. Have you been on keto a long time? 
24 May 20 by member: dmbell04
I've been doing a loose keto I call it...75-100g of carbs a day now for about 2 yrs. But now I have stopped using sweeteners except for swerve & my carbs are measured every meal. I'm at about 10- 25g of carbs per day. I love sugar & carbs but having it everyday was going to kill me. I have no cravings persay for potatoes, bread, etc. But I will not avoid them for bdays & other special occasions. 
24 May 20 by member: tenax661
That is wonderful, Tenax! You have had amazing dedication. What you were doing for “loose keto” is basically where I’m at now. How long have you been 10-25? Are you finding it hard or was it an easy transition for you? 
25 May 20 by member: dmbell04
I've been doing Maya Moore discipline version of Keto for about a month now after I came out of a 21-day fast. I was determined to find a lifestyle not a diet based on my yo-yo experience. What's different this time than other times is unjust at an age and physical condition that I have to make a permanent change that works for me. What made it really easy to do this is challenging myself to find a variety of delicious keto recipes. Not only do I eat them but I share samples with family members. I figure if they love it then it's a keeper and worth repeating. Then on the days in between my recipes my secret weapon is an egg and cheese omelet and four slices of bacon. Super low carb super filling and contains the perfect Keto balance of macros. The other thing I do is I don't allow myself not to have a cheat for a treat. I believe that's a recipe for failure and you start to resent your eating lifestyle. If I want a piece of pie I'll have a piece of pie. But the next day I'll intermittent fast or eat a very low carb option like the eggs and bacon and life goes on. For me it's not the one cheat day that kills me. It's me telling myself that I'll do better tomorrow and then repeating that mantra for 3 4 5 days in a row. I know I'm a sugar and carb addict so I need to operate accordingly. No carbs or low carbs and very limited sugar intake. 
25 May 20 by member: tenax661
Maya moore is supposed to read my more disciplined version. 
25 May 20 by member: tenax661
That is great. I love your thoughts on “cheat treats”. I’ve never liked that term either. Good for you knowing what works best for you. I like eggs and bacon too - they really are a great combo and keep you full for a long time! I tend to cook up giant packages of bacon and freeze them separately. Then I just chuck a couple pieces in the frying pan once I’m done scrambling eggs just to heat them up. So quick and easy! What did your 21 day fast look like? That must have taken some serious discipline!  
25 May 20 by member: dmbell04
Yep thats what I do too. I always buy the thick bacon cause I can reheat it after storing and easy to keep it from overcooking. 21 days was..a learning experience. I've done 7 before..and 5 since. I made some mistakes on the 21 that led to I believe, a constant stomach ache that just wore me out. I was taking laxatives because I was worried about getting constipated, tylenol 3s for my knee, tylenol night time to help me sleep, a variety of teas because I couldnt drink it without sugar (teas that disagreed with my stomach) & proton pump inhibitors I hadnt needed because I was concerned about acid in an empty stomach. What I learned from that was only take some form of electrolytes and dump everything else. When I did my recent 5 day I physically much better doing a clean fast. What made me quit after 5 days was the stress of an emotional issue I just couldnt deal with at the same time as a fast. I will do 5-7 day fasts again as a detox cleansing 3 or 4 times a year from here on in. 
25 May 20 by member: tenax661
Keto worked for me, too, as far as weight loss and ending cravings went, but it was constipating and even laxatives didn't work. Heartburn, too. So now I am sticking to a more real-life way of eating, low-carb, and plenty of healthy fats. Weight is up and down but I feel much better. Fat does help with the cravings. 
25 May 20 by member: BonneyJane
That’s great, BonneyJane! Yes, I understand you on all accounts. And I also feel it’s easier to eat out or visit others - I don’t have to be overly focused on making sure there’s something available that’s extremely low carb. And it opens up a greater number of food options too.  
26 May 20 by member: dmbell04


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