Joined March 2018
Weight History

Start Weight
72.8 kg
Lost so far: 18.9 kg

Current Weight
54.0 kg
Performance: steady weight

Goal weight
56.7 kg
Still to go: 2.7 kg
Mother of 3, wife to 1, cancer survivor, animal lover. Chemo/mom brain still. Depression w/ GAD. Love getting and giving advice. Don’t know when to shut up lol.

Beginning 3/5/18 160.6
Current 2/2/20 129ish & gaining (muscle)

Body scan 7/1/19 121.2# dressed in yoga pants&tee, no shoes; 63”; 38.5 yrs
25.8% BF 29.95# 12/13 27.1% BF
74.2% LBW 86.06# lean
5.17# BMC; 1.144 g/cm2; T score- 0.2; Z score- 0.7

Livestrong program spring 2018
4/5/19 started lifting 3x a week MWF 45 minutes each day

3 sets of 5-12 reps
Leg curls/extensions 65#/80#
Bicep curls/tricep extensions 32-40#
Hip add and abs 100&120
Torso rotation of complete suffering lol 30 light days, 50 heavy
Peck deck front/back (fly and rear delt) 35-40#
Overhead and chest press machines 35/65#
Rows and lats 50# but moving up to 60 on last set so if me do 60 next week.

Recently added chin/pull ups on machine using 46-52# weigh help
Squats- 95 easy occasionally, 140 heavy occasionally, 120# normally
Bench- bar alone for now as I gain stability

Burned kcal or +200.
CICO with leaning toward low fat.
I eat pizza, pasta, candy, anything that fits in my calorie budget
If I go over BIG time one day I cut back a bit the next few days to make up.

Approximate macros:
40-50%carbs 25-40% fats 20-30% proteins
Protein is my focus

8/5/19. (9/26 edit)
Incline bench press: 95
Bench press: 105 smith
Seated military press: 65
DB lat raises: 10’s


BB deadlift Smith 155-175
BB row Smith 105
One arm DB row 20-25’s
BB curl 40-52
3-6 abs
Chair Leg raises body weight
Cable crunch 60
Ab buster 70-110


Warm up squat 40
BB low squat 85-105 Smith
Leg press 150-200
Romanian deads Smith 155-175

Row machine 90-105
Lats 75
Pec deck 50-70
Lat machine 90
Other row machine 90

peeperjj's Weight History


Last weigh in: Gaining 0.9 kg a Week Up
Last weigh in: Gaining 0.6 kg a Week Up
Last weigh in: Losing 1.3 kg a Week Down
Last weigh in: Losing 1.9 kg a Week Down

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