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Weight History

Start Weight
73.9 kg
Lost so far: 6.4 kg

Current Weight
67.6 kg
Performance: Losing 5.1 kg a Week

Goal weight
71.2 kg
Still to go: 3.6 kg
I’m a senior citizen and have been retired about ten years. I worked a very physical job for 31 years and stayed trim while eating all I wanted. I worked a desk job after retiring from that job and continued to eat the same way and gained more than 45 pounds. Four years later I was obese and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

My profile picture is showing my potbelly after losing 30 pounds. It was taken about the time I discovered Fatsecret. My initial goal was to reach my pre-retirement weight of 155 pounds. The last ten pounds were the hardest to loose. I have been in "Maintenance" for several years now. My current focus is to reduce body fat. I joined a gym and restarted resistance training the same day I signed up for Medicare. It had been 15 years since the last time I was in a gym. That was about 2 years ago. Since then my doctor has cut my diabetes medication by two thirds.

CICO and resistance training have worked well for me. Recently I have been trying to build muscle at the sacrifice of gaining some body fat, hopefully temporarily. After gaining 10 pounds with a modest increase in body fat, now I’m trying to cut the fat and retain the muscle.

I recommend Fatsecret to anyone who expresses an interest in controlling body weight, body fat and logging nutrition. I don't follow fads, look for quick fixes or judge what others eat or don't eat. I prefer what works well for me and that is a balanced sustainable diet. I don't condemn other folk methods of dieting but I have noticed that many people quickly rebound from quick fix diets and I don't want any parts of that. I'm not a perfect dieter and hold myself accountable. I use a Fitbit to track activity and exercise. I think Fatscret and Fitbit work well together and complement each other. I wish everyone well in their efforts to improve…

1800 Caloric goal
110g Protein goal

Updated 07.22.19

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Last weigh in: steady weight Steady
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