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Breakdown of daily percentages for carbs, fat, protein - does not seem to add up
It adds up. FatSecret is correct. I am not sure what numbers you are referring to specifically. There are many of them. Can you give an example?
by liv001 on 20 Jul 19 02:14 PM
Fat Secret APP for KINDLE FIRE 10?
So I would love to get the FS app on my Kindle Fire 10 but it does not look like I can download it? When will it be out for Fire 10?
by 1Fitbabe on 20 Jul 19 10:23 AM
I had a shock
Stood on the scales for the 1st time in about 3 years and am 17 st. Soooo upset about it so have joined here. I have arthritis so walking is difficult and my husband of 51 years east anything he wants. ...
by chippyite on 20 Jul 19 06:36 AM
Is anyone here following slimming world and counting calories
by norma8564 on 20 Jul 19 05:29 AM
Weight loss
You asked the same question two months ago. Maybe go back and look at those answers?
by liv001 on 19 Jul 19 06:41 PM
Weight loss jumpstart--intermittent fasting
Are you on some weight loss pills? If so, which one do you use? What kind of supplements you’ve been on?
by Brent Foust on 18 Jul 19 07:03 AM

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